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ArtTherapy is for anyone who wants to feel well. 


  • 1 hr
    1,200,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Meet your Therapist and find out if Art Therapy is for you.
    30 min
  • For schools, companies or families
    1 hr 30 min
    2,219,999 Indonesian rupiahs
  • From the comfort or your home, or wherever you may be...Via zoom
    1 hr
    1,200,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • An opportunity to meet the therapist & ask questions.
    30 min
  • Thinking of becoming and Art Therapist?
    30 min
    300,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • A brief introduction to what is Art Therapy and how it works.
    2 hr 30 min
    Starting 3000000
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